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Northwood’s Pet of the month

Keila Doan : October 2015

Keila DoanKeila (pronounced Kay-lah) is our very loving and sweet 14 year old Yellow Lab who has brought us so much joy and love since we brought her home at 9 weeks of age. She has always loved being around people and other dogs. During our gatherings with family and friends, she finds a way to be right in the middle of all the action, literally in the center of the group, as content as she can be. She loves to be petted and rubbed, which lately takes the form of massaging to soothe her aches and pains from arthritis. Keila can be as strong and resilient, as she is sweet. In 2007, she was diagnosed with lymphoma, and of course we feared the worst, but we gave it our all. She went through a year’s worth of chemotherapy, a second year of maintenance, and a third year of regular checkups, and SURVIVED! It was such a relief to still have her with us after that first year. Needless to say every day since, has been a blessing to have her in our lives. These days Keila is not as swift and quick as she once was, especially in her days of fetching, running, and taking her on walks with us. We literally had to spell the word “walk,” or else she would go crazy if we did not take her. That did not last because she eventually learned the spelling of “w-a-l-k” as well. I could go on and on about our dear Keila but suffice it to say that we are very happy that she gets to be Pet of the Month, especially in what may be her last few days, or perhaps weeks with us. I don’t mean to end on a sad note, but we know we are getting close to the end of our earthly journey with Keila. Losing her will not be easy, but we will look back on the many amazing memories we’ve shared with her throughout all of these years. We love you Keila!

Millie Dean : September 2015

Millie DeanMillie is a Jack Russell Terrier mix who loves to play.  She is about one year old and was rescued by her parents at 7 weeks old.  Her favorite thing to do is go outside and sunbathe and chase bugs.  She will try to eat just about anything she can get her paws on. Her best friends are Mia and Beau.   Her favorite toy is a yellow squeak ball.  Her parents love her very much.

Lola Fruin : August 2015

Lola FruinLola was adopted into our home from Gainesville Pet Rescue in August 2013 when she was about 6 months old. Lola was and continues to be one very energetic pup who loves to go on several long walks a day around the neighborhood, where she loves to greet all creatures, human and furry, with great enthusiasm. She also loves to run around the backyard  and the dog park chasing lizards and bugs as well as the many balls and Frisbees we keep in stock for her. When not walking, running, and playing outside, Lola loves to lounge on her double-decker dog bed – the top layer is a large fleece pillow that was made with love by mom Christine. She also makes daily attempts to be best friends with her older feline sister Pepper. After 2 years, Pepper is still not ready to be friends! Lola’s most favorite treats are her Blue Buffalo health bars – and she knows that she gets one every afternoon after a walk – she goes right to the closet where they are kept and sits patiently until she gets her treat. Lola has been a wonderful addition to our family — she is funny, playful, and full of life and love.

Rufus Johnson : July 2015

Rufus JohnsonRufus is a very sweet 13 year old Basset Hound/Collie who loves playing with his toy “Woobie.”   He enjoys eating and taking long naps and his favorite past-time is snack time!

Eja Albritton : June 2015

Eja AEja is a very sweet and playful ten-year-old dog.  When she plays indoors she loves to run from one end of the house to the other.  Her favorite past-time is playing with her “Dad” Vincent.  She likes to bark at cats and she spends a lot of time playing outside with empty milk cartons.

Delaney Belmore : May 2015

Delaney BelmoreMy name is Delaney. I am a 2 1/2 year old Australian Cattle dog mix. I was adopted by Samantha (the other cute girl in my picture) from ACAS on Valentine’s Day. I live with 5 cats, but they aren’t quite sure about me just yet. I also have guinea pigs, hamsters, and a turtle. I love to play fetch, run around in the yard and sneak any snacks I can get especially the cat food. My favorite thing to do is ride with Samantha and her friends to swim team practice, they give me lots of pets and rubs. Samantha has a pool, but I don’t really like it. I have been working very hard at doggie training and have learned to sit, go down, and how to walk on a leash the correct way. I hope that soon the cats will let me play with them.

Figgy Pudding Vick : April 2015

Figgy PuddingFiggy Pudding is a four-year-old terrier mix.  She is a fabulous dog who takes her familial responsibilities very seriously.  She is a big sister to our human daughter, and monitors our parenting very closely.  Figgy has been worried since the day we came home with only one of the entire litter!  Her favorite activity is defending her family against the invasion of the Brown Anole.

Jesse & Gus Gordon : March 2015

Jesse & Gus GJesse and Gus are great little dogs and keep my husband and I laughing on a daily basis, and as you can see from the photo, they like each other too. In the morning Gus will carry on running and screeching until I take off my slippers and put on walking shoes and take them to their “walking road”. It is the same walk everyday, but they are so happy to go. Jesse is very attached to me and follows me all over the house, and she is very demonstrative when she decides it is suppertime! They both bring us a lot of joy and we wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Trixie Kirby : February 2015

Trixie Kirby (2)

Trixie joined our family around 4 years ago when my husband was volunteering for Phoenix Animal Rescue. She was rescued from a dog-fighting ring and immediately stole my heart. She’s always been a little sketchy (can you blame her?) and it took a long while to come out of her shell. Our pittie, Kush has always been a comfort to her and those two are inseparable!

Trixie Kirby (1)

Willow Rosenberg : January 2015

Willow RosenbergWillow is a princess in every way….She loves to be pampered and is quite beautiful and knows it. She does her Westminster Dog Show walk regularly. She was once seen doing it while at Shands UF Health doing Pet Therapy. She loves everyone 2 or 4 legged.

When greeting visitors she always has 1 or 2 stuffed animals in her mouth. Willow always barks to announce her arrival at any dog event. Her only negative action is when she rolls in the dirt and loses her golden glow to a brownish hue.

She is a delight day in and out. I feel honored that she chose me to be her human.

Chance Beagle Ingle : December 2014

Chance Beagle Ingle 01Chance Beagle Ingle 02Chance Beagle came to her current family from a rescue organization in Virginia. The rescuers thought she had probably been bred to be part of a hunting pack. They found her in the woods and speculated that she had become lost on her first pack hunt. She was adopted by her “forever family” shortly thereafter, and she has gone from a frightened, scrawny, sad little dog to a happy, well-adjusted and well-fed cutie. She is now nearly seven years old, enjoys long naps on soft couches, dinner several times daily, short walks and, most of all, chicken. She also loves to cuddle at any opportunity. She would very much like to be everyone’s best friend. Chance has her own Facebook page at, and welcomes the friendship of other beagles and the occasional well-mannered hound.


Achilles & Bristol Wilborn : November 2014

Achilles & Bristol WilbornAchilles and Bristol are the fur babies of Elliot and Julianne Wilborn. Achilles is a 5 year old Pit Bull and his little sister Bristol is a 3 year old Peek-a-Poo. Achilles loves cuddle time with dad, hiking in the mountains and LOVES to hear the words “truck ride” but he hates having to sit in the back seat. Bristol’s favorite toys are water bottle animals and her brother’s ankles and she loves laying on the back of the couch (when she can’t lay on mom’s lap). As much as Achilles and Bristol hate visiting the vet, they love the attention they get from the Northwood Oaks staff and they are very excited to be pets of the month.