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Oaks’ Pet of the month

Buster Hoffman : November 2015

Buster HoffmanBuster is so happy to have his name up in lights.  He always knew he would one day be famous.  He came to live with his mom Heidi 12 years ago thru Alachua County Animal Control.  Buster knew she was the one for him right away.  He is a very friendly guy who loves small children and strangers.  He always wants to be sure he knows where his mom is, but also has a very independent nature. He loves long car rides with his head out the window.  Though he has slowed down some with his diabetes, and blindness, nothing will keep him down.  He loves to go to the dog park and will bay at the pups in hopes that they will stay where he can play without having to run around too much. He loves his treats, burgers, and chicken.  He will eat his wet food when he has to, everything is a test of wills.  He has a stubborn streak 5 miles wide which sometimes gets him into trouble.  Buster will be having fun for many more times to come.

Ruby & Rambo King/Falero : September 2015

Ruby & Rambo (2) Ruby & Rambo (3)

Wilson Simmons : June 2015

Wilson SimmonsWilson is a six year old German Rottweiler that was born in Burlington, KY. Initially, most people are intimidated by him (he weighs in at a whopping 126 pounds), but after you get to know him, you will realize that he is still a puppy at heart. In fact, his nickname is “Baby Puppy Dog”. Wilson is very friendly – he loves meeting people and gets very excited when we have company at our house.

Wilson’s favorite activity is eating. Other favorites include chasing squirrels and cuddling. He also enjoys going for walks and playing outside. Wilson knows how to sit, roll over, and give kisses. The staff at Oaks Veterinary Hospital is always excited to see him.

Hunny Weitzel : April 2005

Hunny WietzelHunny is excited and honored to be the Oaks Vet pet of the month!  She is a sweet, lovable, people-person golden retriever.  She loves to take short walks, dig in the yard, and swim in the pool.  But her most favorite activity is running around the Florida Gator baseball field and eating the fish bones the ospreys drop from their nests.  She is happiest when her family is home with her or when they take her with them in the car.  Her favorite treats are hard boiled eggs and organic carrots.  Hunny has two feline sisters but she really prefers humans!  Hunny never has a bad day!

Trina, Hershey & Jessie Szwanke : March 2015

Trina Hershey Jessie SOur March Pet Family of the month goes out to The Szwanke Trio. Trina, Hershey and Jessie. Trina will be turning 13 years old in May. Her favorite pastime is lying in the dirt in the yard.  Hershey is 12 years old and she enjoys taking leisurely swims in the family pool. Jessie is 3 years old and loves to go for long walks.

Rosie Sanchez : February 2015

Rosie SanchezRosie is a sweet little 5 year old Australian Shepherd Mix. She enjoys taking walks, playing with her squeaky toys and barking at other dogs.  She also enjoys spending time with her family. Her favorite treats are Iams bones.

Roxie Jones : January 2015

Roxie JonesMy name is Roxie. I just turned 8 years old on Christmas Day. My favorite things are going for long walks in the morning and playing at the school on the weekends. Chasing squirrels are the best, but I also love to dig for moles. Then I love to snooze and snack, but not too much because Dr. Dean called me “fat”. She actually had to call my dad and tell him to slow down the the treats. Sometimes, my snooze is interrupted for a security alert…important things like the Fedex man, cats in the back yard and unauthorized dogs in the water catchment next to my house. I have a perfect snooze spot on the bed next to the window facing the catchment. My photo was taken when I had a recent “spa day” at Oaks Vet. I got a summer hair cut, bath and had my nails done! I always feel so good after a “spa day”… makes me feel years younger!

Mathilda Gage : October 2014

Mathilda GageMy name is Mathilda and I’m a 12 year old Pug with a substantial amount of issues. I love whining endlessly and making mountains out of molehills. But that’s perfectly fine because my human parents adore me intensely. I was born on a farm in a suburb of Dallas and spent my younger and more vulnerable years in Lubbock, Texas. For some inexplicable reason, I often smell like a freshly opened bag of Fritos and completely freak out when I catch even the slightest whiff of corn (especially popcorn). I have several nicknames including Corn, Cornhead, Frito, and, most recently, Bag of Bones (B.O.B). I’ve never growled at or bitten a single living creature, and I would have absolutely no idea how to react in the event of getting growled at or yelled at. I’ve amassed quite an impressive collection of stuffed toys, my favorites being the blue dog you see in the picture, the pink dragon behind me, and an anthropomorphic ear of corn (not pictured). I’m so happy to be the pet of the month and will serve in that capacity with all the dignity, honor, grace, and mercy expected of me. Sincerely, Mathilda

Skyler King : September 2014

Skyler KingSkyler is a 9 year old Tri-colored Miniature Dachshund who loves to play! He loves his bully toys and chewing on the Greenies his mommy gets him. He’s a very special dog who is loved by everyone who meets him and is spoiled by all.


Georgia Guyton : August 2014

Georgia GuytonI am an 11 year old cocker spaniel mix that loves guarding bully bones, rolling in smelly “stuff,” making my unique rawring sound, waddling off into the neighbor’s yard, and taking a good nap. I was rescued by my family when I was lost and all alone, and love my family very much for finding me! I’m most known for my crazy hairdo and it makes me stand out!

Maggie Gober : July 2014

Maggie GoberMy name is Maggie.  I’m a 5 year old Cavapoo, which is a mix of King Charles Cavalier Spaniel/miniature poodle.  My folks say I got my beauty from the spaniel parts and brains from the poodle parts.  I love all people and happily greet any guests who drop by.  My Mom and Dad say I’m spoiled, but when you’ve got it, I say flaunt it!

Sammy, Sadee, Spunky Morris : June 2014

Morris Cats

We love our Mommy & Daddy, Grammi & Nana, and we love Oaks Vet, especially Dr. Dean, ‘cause she takes good care of us!
We also love catnip (OMG….where do they get this stuff??).   Go Gators!

Sammy HigginsSammy Higgins : I’m 6 and my Mommy & Daddy adopted me in August 2008 when I was 5 months old. My nicknames are “Higgy” & “Sugarboog”. I’m a “Mama’s Boy”. My favorite toys are my “Tigert” & “Gone Fishin’ Pole”. My favorite pastimes are kneading Mommy’s neck, playing with my sisters, watching cartoons and snuggling with my family. My favorite food is bacon (no-no). I “wail” a lot ‘cause I’m practicing to be a “live” fire truck, police car or ambulance ‘siren”!
Sadee Belle

Sadee Belle : I’m 3 and my Mommy & Daddy adopted me in 2011 when I was 3 months old.   I‘m a “Tomboy”.   My nicknames are “Baby Girl” & “Tornado Nellie”.  I’m also referred to as “Hellion” “Brat” and “Thief”. My favorite pastimes are terrorizing my sister, talking to Grammi on the phone, watching cartoons, stealing things, and snuggling with my family.  My favorite toys are “Gone Fishin’ Pole” and laser toys.  I love any toy I can “kick start” with my right hind leg ‘cause I am practicing to get my first “Harley”.   My favorite food is everything…..I’m like “Mikey”.  I love Dr. Hamerslag for saving my life!

Spunky Jo Spunky Jo : I’m 10 and my Mommy and Daddy adopted me in April 2005 when I was 1 year old. I was the “Boss”, ‘til the “Hellion” showed up in 2011!  I used to be a “Tomboy”, but now I’m a “Diva”, that’s why my nicknames are “Princess” and “Purty Girl”. My favorite pastimes are hiding things under the stove, watching cartoons, and snuggling with my family.  I’m a “Daddy’s Girl”. My favorite toys are “Mini Mice”, and anything that resembles a stick. My favorite food is kibble ’cause it is crunchy. I help take care of my brother & sister ‘cause I’m the oldest.