Surgery | Oaks & Northwood Oaks Veterinary Hospitals


Surgical procedures are performed routinely at our hospitals using sterile technique and patient-specific anesthesia. Each patient is evaluated by a doctor prior to surgery and an individual anesthetic and pain management plan is chosen. Choices are made based on the species, breed, age and physical condition of the animal. A variety of injectable and gas anesthesia choices are used to make anesthesia as safe as possible for your pet. Each hospital has a well-equipped surgery area that is cleaned and disinfected between patients. Surgeons wear masks, caps, and sterile gloves for each procedure. All surgical instruments and equipment are sterilized in an autoclave and used for a single procedure. Electronic monitors are used to measure vital signs throughout every procedure and IV fluids are carefully calibrated with an automatic pump. Surgical procedures performed include ovariohysterectomy (spay) and castration (neuter), as well as tumor excision, cystotomy (bladder surgery), gastrotomy (stomach surgery), splenectomy (spleen removal) and many others.